These photos were taken at the Dark Horse Championships a couple of weekends ago. We were there showing our pads, doing the regular deal. It was an awesome comp; lots of good energy and good people. Our athlete, Dave Wetmore, helped plan the event, so we were there to support! Check out the entire album here

Thank you Tumblr Friends!

We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our Tumblr friends for your support of our brand new video “STONELICK: One Moment!” Thank you for reblogging, sharing, and helping us spread the word!

We’re a brand new company and compared to most other companies out there, we are the small dogs, so your support means a WHOLE lot! We are living and breathing our dream of climbing because of you. With each day we’re making our dream become a reality. Here we are, 4 months in, making these award-winning, innovative, crash pads for you!! We feel so lucky! Thank you again and again! We love our Fans!!!!

Better yet, we’re so close to 500Likes! Ahh, excited to pick the winner for the crash pad giveaway!

Diana & Arone